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Locations Guide (Winter and Spring) ❄️

Updated: Feb 7

Snowy sessions are the best! It's our goal to recommend spots that are just as accessible as they are beautiful this time of year. Some spots we included involve hiking

for the more adventurous individuals. If they do we make sure to let you know in the description!


Baldy Road Pull Off

Although we haven't had a session here in the snow, this is a new spot we found that is perfect for a large group or any other type of session. The only downside is the parking is along the side of a road and there is a faint fence that can be visible (although blurred out) in some of the pictures. Otherwise, we think the view is phenomenal and for accessibility you really can't beat it! Check out the 360° view on the Google link below to see how the parking and fence looks.

Boreas Pass Road

Not recommended for groups larger than 10 people

This spot requires an uphill hike to get to the view. It has lots of parking and the view is really gorgeous! There are lots of pine trees and some cool rock formations. If you choose this spot be prepared with boots and warm socks to ensure you can make the trek to get there! We've had lots of sessions at Boreas pass in the summer, if you choose this spot you'll be the first of our clients to go here in the winter time.


Sapphire Point

Not recommended for groups larger than 10 people

We love this location in the winter and spring time! The view in the photo above doesn't require any hiking, and the parking area is paved. The only downside to this location is that it is very highly trafficked, with other photographers frequently using it.

Swan Mountain Road Pull Off

Great for large groups

This is a location we have scouted in the winter time, but our only photoshoot here so far was in the late fall (pictured above.) What we love about this spot is the accessibility- it is right on the side of the road. It is a pull off, making parking somewhat limited. If you have young children or want to avoid road noise this may not be the spot you prefer. We love the large open field and stunning mountain view. Take a look at the 360° image at the link below if you'd like to see a wider angle of the mountain range.

Bouldering Area

Great for smaller families, couples and seniors

We don't have photos of this spot in the winter, but it is a one minute drive from the pull off above this! It does require a short but steep hike to get to the view areas. We recommend taking a look at the Google listing and 360° image to get an idea of the view. There are some nice rocky areas which are great for sitting photos. This does require a short but steep hike.

Trail to Soda Creek

Great for any type of session

This spot is a flat hike down a dirt road and has lovely 360° view with pine trees all around! The parking is accessible, the only downside is you will need to be prepared to trek through the snow.

Link to parking area-

Blue River Arm Trailhead

Great for large groups

This spot is beautiful, with a very short, flat walk to the view. There is plentiful parking as well and it is the closest location along Lake Dillon to downtown Breckenridge. Because there aren't any trees or other wind protection it is very windy! We only recommend this spot if you bring hats to wear for the majority of the photos.


Crosscut Trail

We found this hidden gem this past summer while we were scouting and it would be a wonderful spot for any size group in the winter. It is a nice, meandering trail with views in various directions. There is somewhat limited parking, but if you can carpool in two cars this is a great spot. Requires a very short, flat walk to the view.

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